2nd Transnational Meeting CV PLUS

Cv plus image for 2nd meeting

On 27th and 28th of April 2016, Krakow hosted the 2nd CV PLUS transnational meeting.

The project work is proceeding according with plans and partners have defined the definitive version of the CV PLUS first outputs:

– The “CV Legal Framework”: a detailed description of the Corporate Volunteering legal framework in each partner country;

– The Good Practices collection: a collection of 31 Good practices of Corporate Volunteering in educational field realized in CV PLUS partners’ countries.

CV PLUS team will be now committed in the development of the training platform and methodological guides for companies and educational centres.

From May to June 2017 the event “CV PLUS. Strategies to Connect Business and educational worlds” will be celebrated in Spain, Poland, Italy, Finland and German. It will be aimed at presenting the project and the platform and promoting Corporate Volunteering in the field of education; it will be also an opportunity to start involving people in the project with a view to the next project phases. For more information about the CV PLUS events follow us also in Fecebook (www.facebook.com/CVPlusproject/).

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