Cv plus Event Helsinki

Finnish partner Learnmera Oy organised a multiplier event for stakeholders on 10 November, 2016, with the aim of encouraging networking between schools and companies, as well as introducing the project. The event had 10 participants, from schools mostly in higher education and adult education, also vocational education, and some participants were from different small or medium-sized companies. The event started with free mingling and buffet, and then Marja-Liisa Helenius and Yulia Bazyukina made PowerPoint presentation about the main ideas and products in the CV Plus project, followed by Q&A and more discussion about the project with participants. Many participants were highly interested in the idea of Corporate Volunteering in cooperation with schools, and signed up to follow the project and to receive further information in the future.


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The CV PLUS first event in Poland took place on 17th June 2016 in Kraków in connection with the external conference. The conference participants were invited to the CV PLUS stand to get to know the project and its results.

KCZIA’s team presented the project, the concept of corporate volunteering and its benefits, the Good practices research results – the CV PLUS Good Practices Collection and the CV Legal Framework in the partner countries. There were many interesting discussions with the participants about possibilities of their involvement in the corporate volunteering. They also debated about the utility and benefits of the corporate volunteering for schools.

The participants were encouraged to take part in the online trainings based on the Methodological Guides in the beginning of the next year. All of them were given the publication of the Good Practices Collection. Some participants are interested in participating in the international project’s network.

Cv Plus : Hanse Parlament

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At the morning of the 18th of May in the Chamber of Crafts in Hamburg potential multipliers were informed about the CV PLUS project in two sessions: first, business support organisations, mainly chambers, and in a second session – educational institutions. Special focus lied on presenting the project results which are planned and were at that time in process, especially: development of the planned CV PLUS OPEN Platform; its use and benefit for companies and educational institutions should be discussed. During the session and in a networking part afterwards company support organisations and educational institutions exchanged their experience on cooperation possibilities, the use of the platform for the target groups as an effective tool, Platform dissemination activities in their regions. Moreover, the individual benefits for companies and educational institutions were highlighted to raise overall awareness of this important topic.

CV PLUS. Strategies to Connect Business and educational worlds – Bilbao

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Bilbao, 23rd of June 2016. The first CV PLUS event in Bilbao involved representatives of business and educational worlds.

Fundación Repsol, Petronor y Tecuni as companies, Tknika and Somorrostro, Repélega and San Jorge as VET centre are some of the protagonists of a very interesting seminar, where managers, employee volunteers, teachers, educators and students have shared their ideas and experiences in Corporate Volunteering.

The recognition of the importance and benefits of Corporate Volunteering for society, volunteers and companies was unanimous.

“The voluntary employee develops and contributes necessary values in a company,” says Carlos Pascual, a volunteer at Repsol, “that is why companies would have to encourage this type of activity by offering their employees opportunities and means”.

On the other side, thanks to projects such as “Energy with Consciousness” and “FP Energía” by Repsol, or “Challenges of Innovation” by Tecuni, VET students, had the opportunity to “feel the illusion of carrying out an idea within a true team of work” and “to experience what really serves everything they have had to study”, as they themselves comment.

2nd Transnational Meeting CV PLUS

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On 27th and 28th of April 2016, Krakow hosted the 2nd CV PLUS transnational meeting.

The project work is proceeding according with plans and partners have defined the definitive version of the CV PLUS first outputs:

– The “CV Legal Framework”: a detailed description of the Corporate Volunteering legal framework in each partner country;

– The Good Practices collection: a collection of 31 Good practices of Corporate Volunteering in educational field realized in CV PLUS partners’ countries.

CV PLUS team will be now committed in the development of the training platform and methodological guides for companies and educational centres.

From May to June 2017 the event “CV PLUS. Strategies to Connect Business and educational worlds” will be celebrated in Spain, Poland, Italy, Finland and German. It will be aimed at presenting the project and the platform and promoting Corporate Volunteering in the field of education; it will be also an opportunity to start involving people in the project with a view to the next project phases. For more information about the CV PLUS events follow us also in Fecebook (

First Transnational Meeting CV PLUS

Cv Plus image for 1 st meeting

CV PLUS kick-off meeting has been celebrated in Bilbao (CEBEK office) on 26th of November.

During the full day the 7 project partners have discussed the main aspects of the project management and have planned the work together.

This project on Corporate Volunteering will last from September the 1st, 2015 and August the 31st, 2017 and aims to make available companies and educational centres’ managers resources that allow them to understand what Corporate Volunteering is, how to integrate it into its strategic plans, how to design actions and how to measure their impact on the skills development of its workers and trainers. Moreover, it aims to reduce the gap between the reality of the world of work and the world of education.

This first meeting laid the basis for a very effective international cooperation.