CV PLUS. Strategies to Connect Business and educational worlds – Bilbao

Cv Plus image for Inveslan event

Bilbao, 23rd of June 2016. The first CV PLUS event in Bilbao involved representatives of business and educational worlds.

Fundación Repsol, Petronor y Tecuni as companies, Tknika and Somorrostro, Repélega and San Jorge as VET centre are some of the protagonists of a very interesting seminar, where managers, employee volunteers, teachers, educators and students have shared their ideas and experiences in Corporate Volunteering.

The recognition of the importance and benefits of Corporate Volunteering for society, volunteers and companies was unanimous.

“The voluntary employee develops and contributes necessary values in a company,” says Carlos Pascual, a volunteer at Repsol, “that is why companies would have to encourage this type of activity by offering their employees opportunities and means”.

On the other side, thanks to projects such as “Energy with Consciousness” and “FP Energía” by Repsol, or “Challenges of Innovation” by Tecuni, VET students, had the opportunity to “feel the illusion of carrying out an idea within a true team of work” and “to experience what really serves everything they have had to study”, as they themselves comment.

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