CV PLUS is developed by an international partnership with diverse backgrounds: training organizations, companies’ confederations, and research organisations. All together there are 7 partners from 6 different countries: Spain, Italy, Poland, Finland, Germany and Belgium.

For details please check the partners’ description:


The BUSINESS CONFEDERATION OF BIZKAIA (CEBEK) is the regional non-profit voluntary membership business organization of Bizkaia made up of federations, associations and companies, whose mission is to represent and defend the interests of its members in public and private institutions which affect or influence their activity, with the aim of improving business competitiveness. CEBEK’s main activities include: institutional representation, transmission of knowledge of interest to companies, collective bargaining and project development, to achieve the maximum satisfaction of its members, anticipating and meeting their needs through continuous improvement and efficient management. Members of CEBEK, the Business Confederation of Bizkaia, are companies whose registered office or work centres are located in Bizkaia.

Nieves Gamiz,
ES – Gran Vía, 50-5ª plta., 48011 Bilbao, Biscay


Krakowskie Centrum Zarządzania i Administracji sp. z o.o. (KCZIA) – The Cracow Center of Management and Administration Ltd ( is a private SME, founded in Poland in 1999.

KCZIA specializes in:

1. Consulting – outsourcing services adapted to specialized needs of other businesses.  

2. Education for adults:

a) The Training Centre for Adults

b) The Cracow Centre of the Improvement of Educational Personnel Skills (KCDKO) –

The Training Centre for Adults

KCZIA has a wide experience in vocational and adult training issues through the company’s participation in a variety of lifelong learning projects. KCZIA has also participated in projects to do with distant learning, adult education and establishing links between the academia and the industry sector. KCZIA has a wide experience in dissemination and exploitation issues and project marketing. The Cracow Centre of the Improvement of Educational Personnel Skills (KCDKO). KCDKO is registered by regional educational authority, organizing the trainings for teachers, school managers and other persons who are working in primary, secondary and upon secondary schools.


Maria Karkowska,
31-157 Kraków, Plac Matejki 10/3


COOSS MARCHE ONLUS scpa is a social cooperative, a private no profit organization with the goal to support the integration of disadvantaged people through the provision of educational, social and care services. Born in 1979, it counts nowadays more than 2500 members-employees and serves around 8000 users among children, minors, non-EU citizens, unemployed, older, disabled people, ex-/prisoners and in general who needs professional assistance. In 1993, the continuous evolution of COOSS has led to the creation of the Research and Training Department which deals with the design and management of research and training project in social, care and education sectors, in order to promote vocational guidance services and focused interventions in the local area. The Department was accredited by the Regional Government both as a VET Agency and Employment and Vocational Guidance Centre. COOSS has a long experience promoting strategies to gather and promote good practices, foster innovative courses, active citizenship, use of ICT. As part of main Networks between NGO and Volunteering COOSS active co-operates and co-design projects with volunteers associations at different levels.

Lorenza Lupini,
via Saffi 4 – 60121, Ancona, Italy


INVESLAN is a private organization specialized in social research in the fields of employment, professional training and adult education, ITCs application to learning environments and management, knowledge management and social-labour inclusion. Our experience in Social Research Studies includes analytical and prospective studies about collectives with special difficulties in accessing labour market, descriptive and assessment studies about training and employment for specific collectives and geographical areas, or studies on the development of educational methodologies, programmes and materials, among others. We are actively involved in international projects since 2002.

Currently INVESLAN is particularly focused on innovative training methodologies, new learning environments and content combining the use of ICTs with a lifelong learning approach.


Jaione Santos,
ES – Lutxana 6, 4º dpto A, 48008 Bilbao, Biscay


Learnmera Oy is a private adult education provider, providing business language lessons in the major Nordic and European languages mainly to companies in the Helsinki area. Learnmera Oy has considerable experience in educational resource, website creation and app content building, as well as online vocational courses (Health care Swedish Their website ( has a member base of over 27,000 teachers worldwide who use their tools and materials. They offer translations and editing services for companies, and expertise includes phone apps for Android and iPhone/iPad and creating web portals, e.g. the tool for Info4migrants project and The Language Menu. They have vast experience in dissemination within social media integrating 10+ social media for EU projects. The staff has worked on a dozen EU projects as well as domestic projects in Finland.

Veronica Gelfgren,
P. O. Box 359, 00101 Helsinki, Finland


The Hanse-Parlament is non-profit structured umbrella organization of more than 50 Chambers of Crafts, Commerce and Industry from 11 countries around the Baltic Sea Region. The cooperation runs since 1992 and has been set up as with the legal body of an association in 2004. The overall goal is the promotion of the small- and medium sized enterprises (SMEs). The activities run from the implementation of projects with very tangible results for the firms to the political and strategical work. In recent years a clear focus lies on projects that focus on environmental issues, demographic challenges corporate social responsibility and in particular further training and qualification of future entrepreneurs on vocational level up to academic studies.

Dr. Max Hogeforster ,

Blankeneser Landstrasse 7
22587 Hamburg

Tel: + 49 40 822 447 11
Fax: + 49 40 822 447 22


Voka, Flanders’ Chamber of Commerce and Industry, is the most representative employers’ organization in Flanders. It represents over 18.000 companies in Flanders and Brussels. Thus, it represents 65% of the private employment and 66% of the added value in Flanders.

Voka was founded in January 2004, when the Vlaams Economisch Verbond and the eight regional chambers of commerce decided to form an alliance. Since 2008, Voka collaborates with 29 sector associations, which strengthens the field of employers’ organizations even more.

As the most influential network of entrepreneurs, our mission is to create an optimal framework for successful entrepreneurship.

Wim Keygnaert,
Voka – Chamber of Commerce and Industry East Flanders
Lammerstraat 18, BE-9000 Ghent